Faculty Achievements

Richmond Adebiaye (Informatics) co-authored “Machine Learning Models for Extrapolative Analytics as a Panacea for Business Intelligence Decisions” in the International Journal of Engineering Technologies and Management Research. He also became certified in machine learning (AI).

Wren Bareiss (Communication) presented a workshop on “Strategies for Writing Effective Qualitative Research in Healthcare” at the Medical University of Vienna as part of the International Society for the Study of Self-Injury in Vienna, Austria.

John Barnett (Library) published “Review of the Community College Library: Assessment” in the Journal of New Librarianship.

Stephen Bismarck (Education) authored the article “Analyzing Unexpected Data After a Novel Mathematics Lesson Using the Critical Friend Process” in Educational Research Quarterly.

Brian Brady and Sam Cooper (Business) co-authored the article “Giving Students More Opportunities for Impact,” which appears on the AACSB website. AACSB is the top accrediting body for business schools.

Logan Camp-Spivey (Nursing) received the Professor for Affordable Learning (PAL) Award from the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries’ South Carolina Affordable Learning Initiative. She also co-authored, with Shirleatha Dunlap and Tracy Hudgins, “Leveraging innovation to design a psychiatric mental health simulation for undergraduate nursing students during the COVID-19 global pandemic” in the journal Nursing Education Perspectives.

Shirleatha Dunlap and Toshua Kennedy (Nursing) were awarded the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Nurse Faculty Loan Program award to support MSN students seeking a faculty role. Dunlap also co-presented “Accreditation and Transfer Student Success: Connecting the Dots Between Equity, Quality, and Outcomes” at the National Institute for The Study of Transfer Students. She co-authored the white paper “Beyond Transfer Advisory Board, Raising the Bar: Leveraging Accreditation and Its Influence on Transfer and Credit Mobility.”

Ron Fulbright (Informatics) was granted a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for his “Swarm-Based Firefighting Drone and Mass Aerial Drop System and Method.” The invention has the potential to fight wildfires more cost-effectively and also quickly and safely deliver supplies to natural disaster zones.

Muhammad Hameed (Mathematics) presented “Instability and pinching of a slender fluid thread with variable surface tension” at the 13th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, and Applications in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Araceli Hernández-Laroche (Modern Languages) is a recipient of the 2023 Akers Prize for the public humanities from South Carolina Humanities. She also authored “The Urgency of Making Public Work Count” in the open access, peer-reviewed Public Humanities issue of the Modern Language Association ADFL/ADE Bulletin.

Tina Herzberg (Education) co-presented "Orientation and Mobility Referrals and Assessments: Policy and Practice” at the International Mobility Conference in Warsaw, Poland, in May.

Polinpapilinho Katina (Informatics) co-authored “Advanced manufacturing management: A systematic literature review” in the journal Sustainability and the book Blockchain-enabled Resilience: An Integrated Approach for Disaster Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Bridget Kirkland (Graphic Design) was elected to a three-year term as a member of Chapman Cultural Center board of trustees.

Colby King (Sociology) was guest co-editor for a special issue of the journal Teaching Sociology. King also was part of the ASA Task Force on First-Generation and Working-Class People in Sociology, which published a paper in the journal Socius on how and why first-generation and working-class backgrounds shape inequalities in academic job attainment.

Celena Kusch (Academic Support) co-authored, with Colby King, a chapter on utilizing podcast-based assignments in the book Emerging Stronger: Pedagogical Lessons from the Pandemic.

Robert McCormick (History) is the author of the new book Founding the ACC: The Origins of a Major Athletic Conference, 1951-1953. McCormick also began the “McCormick on History” podcast on Spotify, covering topics such as North and South Carolina history, European history, sports and crime.

Benjamin McCraw (Philosophy) published ““Wittgensteinian Blasphemy: What It’s Like to Be a Heretic” in the journal Religious Studies and “Duncan Pritchard on the Epistemic Value of Truth: Revision or Revolution?” in the journal Philosophia.

Kristi Miller, Amanda Coates and Heather Dewitz (Nursing) won the USC Upstate Library Unit Competition for saving students in Nursing 306 and 320 the most money on course/unit materials. Miller also was awarded the Service Learning and Community Engagement award for excellence in online/blended service-learning course design.

Maria Francisco Montesó (Spanish) presented “Language Access in Education” and “Meaningful Communication and Collaborating with Professional Interpreters” at the virtual 2023 South Carolina Multilingual Program Conference in July. At the invitation of the Mexican Consulate in Raleigh, North Carolina, she and Araceli Hernández-Laroche (Modern Languages) co-presented “Lidera cambios en tu entorno educativo y comunidad, a través de los tres pilares del Centro Latino de Carolina del Sur” at the sixth Binational Education Week.

Ben Montgomery (Biology) co-authored the article “Spatial variation of pollen receipt and the effects of heterospecific pollen on seed set in Salvia przewalskii” in the journal Ecology and Evolution.

Rebecca Mueller and Refika Turgut (Education) co-presented “Maintream teachers’ perceptions of leveraging multilingual learners’ home languages and translanguaging pedagogy” at the American Educational Association (AERA) Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Anita Nag (Chemistry) published “Insights Gained from a Hybrid Inquiry-Driven Biochemistry Laboratory during the COVID-19 Pandemic” in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Calvin Odhiambo (Sociology) was awarded a Magellan grant with student Lacey Frye. Their research will explore racial disparities in maternal health outcomes.

Laura Rikard (Theatre) served as the intimacy coordinator on the “Untitled Josh and Lauren Project,” a new Starz series under development by director Ava DuVernay and starring Joshua Jackson and Lauren Ridloff. Rikard also was invited to speak about intimacy coordination at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, and facilitated the Theatrical Intimacy Education Educator Advocate Program at USC Upstate. She was a guest artist at the Cal State Summer Arts Program in Fresno, California, and published “Focus on Impact, Not Intention: Moving from Safe Spaces to Spaces of Acceptable Risk” in the Journal of Consent Based Practice.

Lina Shu (Nursing) published the article “Provider’s Perspectives Related to Parents’ Choice of Pediatric Provider of Record and Newborn Screening: A Qualitative Study” in the Journal of Primary Care and Community Health.

Nolan Stolz (Popular Music) released the studio recording of his song “Murdered by the Sky,” performed by Los Angeles-based singer Amanda Achen, on SoundCloud in January. He also was interviewed on Radio Beat, a network of 62 FM stations in the Czech Republic, about his forthcoming composition for symphony orchestra, the “Route 66 Suite.” The video performance of his composition “Gravitation” was selected by the 2023 Kalakari Film Festival (India) and Festival Angaelica (USA) film festivals.

Justin Travis, Kenneth Barideaux and Susan Ruppel (Psychology) co-authored “Are students self-regulating their device usage? The effects of off-task device usage in a classroom setting” in the journal College Teaching.

Refika Turgut (Education) received a National Science Foundation grant that was used to teach coding to Spartanburg elementary school teachers and show them how to integrate coding activities and a linguistically inclusive curriculum into their classroom instruction.

Julie Wade and Michael Dinger (Management) co-authored "Affect and information technology use: the impact of state affect on cognitions and IT use” in the journal Internet Research. Wade also received a RISE grant for her research “IT Professionals’ Work-Related Identity: Impacts on Job Search Behavior and Work Effort.”

Ginny Webb (Microbiology) and Justin Travis (Psychology), with USC Upstate students Colleen Phan and Brandon Mercado, co-authored “Knowledge and identity Antecedents of COVID-19 Vaccine Status: A Study of South Carolina Residents” in the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene. Webb is also president of the American Society for Microbiology, South Carolina branch.

Governor's Storm Noice

Chancellor Bennie Harris, Jon Storm and his family, and Gov. Henry McMaster

Jon Storm (Biology) was awarded the 2022 Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Awareness at a special reception in the state Capitol rotunda in July. Storm was recognized for sharing information about the region's natural history through his Southern Piedmont Natural History page on Facebook, and his Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont and Southern Piedmont Natural History coloring book.

A Podcast Is Born

Monika Shehi Herr (Communication), the recipient of a RISE grant from the University of South Carolina, created the podcast “Making a Baby in South Carolina.” Inspired by Herr’s own pregnancy experience, the nine-part series examines the conversations, or lack thereof, around pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery through the stories of six pregnant Upstate women, including Herr. She is currently working to turn the podcast into a book. “Making a Baby” can be found on Spotify.