Code Ed

Teachers learn how to add STEM lessons to their classes.

A group of Spartanburg-area elementary teachers went back to school in July to learn how to code. Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation secured by Refika Turgut, assistant professor of education, the teachers developed the skills to teach coding using small robots. The weeklong program also included instruction on how integrate coding activities and a linguistically inclusive curriculum into the classroom.

Turgut will continue to work with the teachers throughout the year to implement the lessons. She notes starting with young children ensures they get a strong foundation in an essential skill. “At the elementary school level, coding skills are crucial for fostering problem-solving abilities and enabling students to understand the practical applications of technology in addressing real-world problems.”

Refika Turgut, third from left, assistant professor of education, works on a coding exercise with Spartanbug elementary school teachers.