Class of 2020 – December Commencement Graduates

USC Upstate honors the 2020 December graduates, who along with college seniors across the country, completed their final semester online. Despite the challenges of adapting to new ways of learning and the disappointment of postponed celebrations, USC Upstate graduates excelled.

Graduates reflected include those who registered as of a publication deadline of May 1.


Isaac C. Abee
Tyler C. Adams

Magna Cum Laude

Zabriel Y. Adams
Jacob E. Anderson
Jordan Nicole Baird
Brady A. Bennett
Benjamin Bernstein
Joi A. Bigby
Ghaida S. Bin Majed
Chasity A. Blume
Marcus S. Broome
Charlisa N. Brown
Jhennel Brown
Danielle W. Bullard
Melissa A. Burbury
Teresa A. Burdine
Alicia S. Castle
Yakira S. Choice
Kyle J. Chrzanowski
Maria A. Chulkas
Hailey D. Coe
D'Anna L. Crawford
Alexandra T. Crossby
April E. Curtis
Brittany K. Davis
Chelsea Deluna
Aidan G. Dingler
Julia A. Doiron
Cameron J. Dragoo
Nathalie M. Espina

Florinda C. Evans +
Denise L. Felder +
Christine E. Fernandez
Jennifer A. Finnegan
De'Naisha L. Floyd
Colin J. Foley
Zachary L. Fortner
Katherine E. Gilbaugh

Magna Cum Laude

Mynique P. Goodwin
Bryanna M. Hamilton +
Lunden C. Hancock
Alisa B. Harbison
Zachariah S. Haskett
Zachariah S. Haskett
Jennifer L. Hayes
Logan M. Hollis
Daydreona T. Huggins
Madisyn H. Hughes
Khori Hunter
Kennedi O. Jeter
Arletta P. Johnson
Shania M. Johnson
Wendell K. Jones
ZaQuinton R. Kennebrew
Tyler H. Kirby
Jordan C. Lawson
Brittany Legge
Jantira M. Lem
Tyshonda T. Ling
Anna G. Littleton

Student photo
B.A., Information Management and Systems

While USC Upstate has given me a lot of opportunities to do a wide range of things and activities, I am grateful for the many gatherings, relaxed weekends, spontaneous outings with friends, late-night conversations, and all the laughter I have shared with my amazing friends here. My advice is follow your curiosity but be both open-minded and skeptical. Mistakes are bound to happen. It's what you do differently the next time that matters. So do not let anyone else define success for you.

Student photo
B.A., Communications

I had the pleasure of spending some time in Washington, D.C., with some extraordinary communication students along with Dr. Kofoed and Dr. Wallace. While that was easily the most enjoyable experience  during my time here, some of the best times included simply studying in the library with friends. Those little moments are the ones I will miss the most! So savor every moment, cherish the friends you make  along the way, and go to your professor's office hours! Building a strong relationship with your professors not only helps you academically, but the connections you make with them can last a lifetime.

Yolanda C. Lopez

Cum Laude

Abbey L. Lukac
Nyeisha Lyde
Kristina Manson +
Harlea M. Martin
Caroline M. McCann
Freida A. McCarroll
Tristin E. McDaniel
John H. McGinnis
Taylor M. Medlin
Gina M. Moroz
Princess E. Moss
Hawwa K. Muhammad
Aalexis Munford
Aaliyah T. Munford
Keyarria R. Nelson
Leandrea N. Nienke
Emily L. Nimmons
Ashley S. Norval
Adrian O. Odhiambo
Sarah J. Panebianco
Cameron M. Patterson
Thanh N. Pham
Lynwood Pixley
Jazmine C. Porter
Amira H. Rahaim-Celestin
Mary M. Reid
LeAnna J. Rhett
Ananda T. Rice
Savannah C. Roach
Daniel L. Robinson

Megan E. Robinson
Linnea M. Rogers
Clayton C. Rosengarten +
Larissa K. Sands
Staesha S. Saunders
Tavis J. Shaw
Justin C. Shell
Feenix M. Smith
Megan E. Stoffer
Angel M. Sumpter
Moseanique J. Swint
Moseanique J. Swint
Austin S. Terrell
Jakoby D. Thompson
Otis Thompson
Mikayla A. Trammell
Elijah A. Tucker
Tyler Turner
Yasmine A. Walker
Chloe Westmoreland
Joseph P. Wheeler
Emily M. White
Joshua A. Wilkes
Olajuwan D. Wilkins
Tia L. Williams
Jon R. Williamson
Luke D. Wright
Savannah G. Young


Jessie S. Cochran
Christina Harvey


Latoyia J. Anderson
Debbie A. Antoine

Cum Laude

Zachary J. Bailey
Kyle R. Batson
Brooke L. Bennett
Allie K. Berry

Cum Laude

Jefferson Bradley
William T. Bridges
Kaara A. Brown
Katelyn A. Collins
Brittany M. Combs
Jack A. Counterman
Carrie E. Ferro
Lyndsey K. Fields

Deonta' T. Gee
Kaitlan M. Grab
Douglas E. Greeley
John M. Greer
Clay A. Honeycutt
Bouvier Howard
Nicholas Jeter
Isaiah Johnson
David M. Jones
Evan F. Jones
Kristina Karasev
Tamika L. King
Ethan D. Kortie +
Lesley J. Lobo
Eric J. Marlowe
Michael S. Maroney

B.S., Business Administration

My favorite memories have happened here on campus! From late night study sessions in the library and making long-lasting friendships to participating in Track & Cross Country as a student athlete. The  community at USC Upstate has shaped and taught me to be independent – ready to take on the world! I am so thankful to all my professors for teaching me and ensuring that I succeed in my studies. As an international student, it can be easy to feel alone. I learned to ask for help whenever I needed it. I have been blessed with the most amazing co-workers, friends, professors, etc. I would advise you to be willing to learn as you go. Enjoy your college experience and always put in the work. It pays off when you walk across the stage during your graduation!

B.S., Computer Information Systems

My favorite memory of my time at Upstate is all the great people I have had the pleasure of meeting. The professors in the CS department are some of my favorites from my academic career, and I’m glad I  had the opportunity to learn so much from them. My advice would be study hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions, make connections with your professors and fellow students, take advantage of the great opportunities provided to meet with potential employers, and remember to take time to relax and de-stress.

Samuel Mcgaha
Komal Mehta
Jenifer Mejia
Thomas Midek
Travis R. Mims
Allensia D. Muller
Destinee K. Panyasiri
John B. Pyle
Katrina N. Rangel
Stephanie L. Reynolds
Austin J. Robbins
Maya R. Rogers
Marianna F. Sakalosh
Jared C. Scruggs

Evan M. Sexton
Ronald B. Solomon
Holly E. Stamey
Kevin H. Star
Clifford W. Sumpter
Timothey L. Thao
Darius Walker
Matthew E. Watson
Matthew Wilkey
Asiah M. Wynn


Kristen S. Good


Eirik Abney
Rhett B. Barnett
Tyler Barnwell
Tanisha I. Berry
Madison L. Betlem
Kayla Bishop
Garrett B. Black
Daniel Caldwell +
Maria R. Carson
Lina M. Castano Gaviria
Gabriela N. Cevallos
Ryan M. Chesebro
Ciarra S. Clayton
Trevor E. Cote
Patrick S. Danko
Maximino A. Delgado
Luka S. Eble
Jacare' English

Amber N. Gantt
Evan L. Gordon
Christopher M. Groce
Joshua C. Hall
Aidan Hill
Jonathan J. Hofschneider
Ke'ona N. Jamison-Allen
Gloria E. Jarvis
Catalina Jurado
Rohit Kumar
Martin L. Lance
Brooklin N. Lee
John N. Lehman
Eric M. Lofink
Nhi M. Luu
Raimi N. Matthews-James
Chase Morman
Nathan L. Murph

Student profile
B.S., Business Administration

Before I left to study abroad in Germany, I was introduced to a few international students and Upstate students who had traveled to another country. I became close with a few girls from Europe, gained insight into aspects of their culture, and learned from their experiences coming to the USA. I made one close friend in particular that I saw often after moving to Germany. I would advise future Spartans to speak up when you have a question or concern and take advantage of your professor’s office hours. I gained confidence by figuring out how to articulate my thoughts in a professional manner.

Marthies V. Nunoo
Celina B. Oakes
Matheiu P. Peyreblanque
Olesia Prater
Tiffany M. Price
Iman V. Qatawi

Robert K. Raines +
Stewart W. Ramey
Kaleigh A. Ratliff
Krystal M. Rivera
Nikolas Rivera
Patricia C. Rutto
Kuljit K. Saggu

Madison Seay
Yelisey M. Semenuk
Kasaun J. Sheppard
Robert B. Smith
Larron J. Starks
Thuong N. Tran
Ashley Turner

Zachary T. Vaughn
Alexandra Walden
Ping Wang
Michael H. West
Jonathan R. Wiggins
Kamden O. Williams
Keomani M. Xaykosy


Student phto

It is hard to choose a favorite memory from my time at USC Upstate. As a student-athlete, two highlights were hosting the conference meet my freshman year and supporting the women’s soccer team in a  win against Winthrop University on Couch Night. Academically, a highlight was finishing my first nursing clinical and looking back on how good it felt to have an impact on a patient’s treatment and healing process. If I could give advice to new students, it would be to always work hard and do not procrastinate. Dedication and time management are very important to success throughout college.


Throughout my time at USC Upstate I made countless memories I will never forget. Some of my favorites were traveling to Virginia and Florida to compete on the cross country and track teams, and going to  Couch Night to support the women’s soccer team when they beat Winthrop. My advice to incoming freshmen would be to work hard and sign up for the free tutoring at the beginning of any hard classes,  take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, go to sporting events, and make as many friends as possible.

Lyndsay A. Allen
Madison G. Austin
Paschaline O. Austine-Njoku
Antenay H. Avery-Campbell
Reagan Chandler Ayers
Taylah L. Babb
Carrie M. Barnes
Carrington E. Bearden
Taylor P. Blackstone
Autumn L. Bridwell
Alyssa C. Brown
Christian D. Burdette
Lisa Bush
Jamiyah B. Campbell
Tosha N. Cathcart
Sandy Y. Cen
Sinat Chat
Paris K. Clyburn
Jacob R. Coccia
Jared P. Coccia
Katilyn Cook
Cassidy N. Crocker

Christa R. Curran
Sydney A. Davenport
Mary E. DeLuca
Jesica P. Demumbreum
Donathan S. Dendy
Ashley M. Di Falco
Rachel A. Dobbins
Ebonie T. Dockery
Shakerra D. Douglas
McKenzie L. Evans
Mallory D. Faile
Hannah R. Fisher
Lanie M. Freeman
Antionette L. Fryar
Rebecca L. Funderburk
Katrina E. Grabovskiy
Brittany Greene
Mallory E. Greene
Jade S. Hall
Kathren A. Hamby
Maggie L. Hardaway
Alyssa C. Harriz

Ioulia Yurievna Korikov
Ariel B. Hart
Charity G. Harvin
Emma K. Hendricks
Jonathan Hill
Kristina M. Hill
Elizabeth Hines
Megan A. Hines
Brandon S. Hoffman
D'Nasia N. Holmes
Cassie E. Horne
Joseph Humphries
Ashlyn C. Hutto
Lindsay R. Johns
Ann B. Johnson
Starlette D. Johnson
Valentyna Khveshchuk
Chelsea J. Lack +
Olivia L. Leso

Kimbale L. Mack +
Maye E. Malachi
Tina S. McCarver
Taylor C. McCorkle
Asia J. McCormick
Chelsey N. Mills
Logan B. Morales
Jennifer M. Morrison
Dominique D. Morrow
Anna Myers
Pratik Nair
Chidinma Oligbo
Sara Omer
Freddy M. Ordonez
Erica D. Osborne
Anna F. Palmer
Erica L. Palmer
Joyce Y. Pan

Bhavini Patel
Allison R. Patrick
Mayte B. Pennington
Dale B. Phillips
Ashley R. Popichak
Harrison G. Pruitt
Sharmila N. Rana
Zaria N. Rice
Veronica C. Rios
Kaziah E. Roberts
Chasity Rogers
John M. Rooney
Jacob L. Rupp
Katherine A. Sartori
Madison L. Savage
Mary C. Scarborough
Deana K. Schweiger
Mary K. Sellars

Hannah N. Smiley
Adelia F. Smith
Ashley N. Smith
Rachel A. Smith
Lydia K. Sorensen
Nicole Sorgee
Isabella C. Spencer
Amy N. Terranova
Courtney E. Thompson
Luz A. Vasquez Rico
Madison R. Waldrop
Rebecca E. Washington
Andrew G. Wicker
Leah A. Wylie
Keyanna J. Young
Graciela Zamudio


Sharissa E. Aho
John D. Allen
Martha V. Alvarez
Alixandra Arellano
Kristen N. Belcher
Fernando F. Bernardes
Lisa C. Blanchard
Alivia M. Bodiford
Shaquela T. Brown
Kira R. Caldwell
Shane M. Camp
Alexander Chambers
Dakaylia Z. Cofield
Carsen C. Collins
Madeline R. Connolly
Keishon A. Cullum
Marley C. DeFreitas
C'Aira N. Dillard
Diem E. Dinh
Lena B. Durham
Blake Dutcher
Katelyn R. Eberly
Jeana E. Fisher
Kelli E. Fisher
Ashlyn G. Floyd
Maria C. Franco
Morgan B. Freeman
Destiny D. Gass
Seth J. Goff
Katerine M. Gonzalez
Rehana N. Gonzalez
Courtney Good
Kayla M. Goodson
Madison R. Green
Taty'ana A. Green
Shawn Gregson
Faith K. Hammonds
Hannah J. Hart
Benjamin T. Heatherly
Jacob D. Henderson
Madeline S. Henderson
Hannah D. Horton
Jaymie L. Hughes
Alexandra D. Hurwitz
Katelyn O. Jackson
Latasha D. Johnson
Henry N. Jones
Sydney M. Lawson
Kyrsten R. Legrant
Ricky Maldonado
Cameren M. McNab
Peyton B. Mills
Taylor S. Myers

Austin Phillips
Fredi M. Pritchett
Anna E. Rakes
William J. Richardson
Keisha D. Robinson
Victoria L. Rochester
Anthony J. Saitta
Taylor R. Scott
Jordan Shaw
Cierra S. Smalls
Tiffany N. Smith
Kamia A. Spalding
Janna C. Sparks
Shelby Stockman
Elizabeth M. Stone
Caroline E. Stukes
Lukas S. Suit
Celina M. Sullivan
Mezarean O. Toland
Seth T. Tolbert
Arriyanna T. Whitaker
Alayna J. White
Jai'lah D. Williams
Stephanie B. Williams
Christin R. Wilson
Keondra S. Wingate
Megan M. Wood
Hanna N. Worthy
Dalton W. Yates
Steven E. Yates
Jayda Q. Youmans
Evon E. Youssef


Ambar M. Aguirre Mims
Amy H. Arnold
Austin M. Baker
Pamela L. Beck
Henry C. Bonner
Olivia N. Boykin
Courtney E. Burnett
Charles W. Calvert
Susan S. Cannon
Melinda P. Carver
Melanie R. Cecil
Brenda L. Clark
Megan A. Coker
Andrew S. Connolly
Elizabeth C. Cooksey
Emily L. Craft
Leah E. Craft
Tyler M. Crosby
Rashonda C. Davis Teasley

Student photo
M.A., Teaching (Special Education)

My favorite memory was the summer of 2018 during the anatomy, physiology and disorders of the visual system course, where my classmates and I were tasked with dissecting the eye of a cow. Little did I  know that this assignment would be the infrastructure of unfeigned personal and professional relationships. Regardless of the path you are travelling, answer the call of your purpose, without delay. One’s purpose is intentional and will be met imminently, oftentimes without regard to our personal desires. Embrace purpose early on to truly be impactful for those your purpose is intended to benefit.

Pamela F. Decker
Ashleigh W. Dozier
Sheri A. Dubois
Cassidy B. Duggins
Arista S. Edwards
Joanna R. Forsythe
Makisha E. Fowler
Sarah K. Garner
Sally T. Gaskins
Joshua D. Geddings
Keri F. Gillespie
Kamesha L. Gilmore
Chelsey H. Grummel
Megan S. Hall
Morgan S. Hammett
Jennifer A. Harris Price
Jennifer A. Harrison
Lori Hefner
Sara J. Hellman
Katherine M. Henderson
Tonya C. Hendricks
Ashley S. Hinch
Angela R. Jackson
Kizzy M. Jacobs
Jenna L. Jolley
Konstantinos D. Kakouras
Marylee M. Kneisley
Sara G. Landrum
Dianza M. Lee
Brandy M. Lyda
Jarrod A. Mabrey
Meghanne B. McDaniels
Helene R. Moore-Haywood
Timothy A. Morgan

Savannah R. Nichols
Brian R. Owen
Carly S. Painter
Victor M. Perez
Miranda L. Perry
Allison M. Redmon
Melissa S. Revis
Allison M. Riddle
Patrice R. Robson
Bobby D. Salter
Brian J. Scott
Hannah B. Setro
Courtney Smalls
Caroline L. Smith
Laurie J. Smith
Lisa L. Smith
Stephanie B. Spake
Ashley K. Stansell
Cheryl A. Stemple
Carol A. Talanges
Catherine G. Taylor
Jonathan L. Terry
Kimberly W. Terry
Jeanne C. Thomas
Jakeria M. Thrower
Elizabeth Tripp
Geoffrey L. Turner
Roger W. Turner
Haylee M. Utter
Jackie Weeks
Amber Weiss
Jeanne D. Wilkins
Krista J. Wingo
Cassandra J. Yarborough


Gregory S Aldridge
Zoher Alimohamed
Magna Cum Laude
Rebecca C. Beets
Allston R. Burnett
Mary-Louise Byrd
Brooke E. Clifton
Jenna C. Dover

Adrianna-Jule'ah H. Ferguson
Samantha L. Greger
Brandon W. Harris
Kenndra Johnson
Josue Medina
Karen C. Medina
Mason E. Monroe
Sarah Moore

Tamara L. Nash
Asma Olajuwon
Madeline B. Parker
Emily B. Peay
Brooks N. Richardson
Koral B. Scott
Derrick D. Scurry
Crosby C. Shumate

Scott D. Sloan
Tylor S. Smith
Armand D. Sowell
Sara E. Thompson
Xavier J. Vereen
Kirsten C. White
Mareshah F. Winters

Student photo Student photo Student photo  Student photo